No... Not again, it can't be!

Eruka has a hat that changes expressions and a giant tadpole following her around and has retained the ability to transform into a frog

She now lives in District Zeta

A member of Citta Alveare


I… Just want my girlfriend back || Closed @ Rydia


Whoops. Rydia wasn’t expecting someone to be on top of the tadpole, but needless to say, it was a rather reckless thing to do in the first place. It’s a good thing she did it, though, seeing as the person she had been looking for all over the place was on top of the summoned creature. Her eyes widen as she gets up a little and stares at the woman before her, unaware that the tadpole is probably having a hard time carrying both of the women. Oops.

In any case, she continues to stare at Eruka as she places a hand to her cheek, not sure of what to say at first. She’s mostly too shocked to say anything right now and her mind is blank; what should she say? ‘I was looking for you everywhere, dummy!’ or ‘What the hell are you doing here!?’. Instead of the latter two options, she lunges forward and wraps her arms around Eruka’s shoulders and neck, rolling around a bit until they both fell off the tadpole.

That hurt a little bit, but Rydia didn’t seem to notice the pain; she’s still tightly latched onto Eruka, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be letting go any time soon. After some more silence, the Summoner finally says, very quietly:

… Welcome back," and temporarily breaks away from their embrace to look at Eruka again. With her left hand she brushes through Eruka’s hair briefly and proceeds to plant quite a few quick kisses on her cheeks and lips. Wow.

There is a long moment of silence until Rydia hugs her, squeezing the air and a quiet “oof” out of her. Instantly she tries to hug back, but the movement stops her from getting a good grip until they fall to the soft grass and and land in the same position - at least her familiar was paying attention. On firm ground she finally manages to hug Rydia back forcefully.

She closes her eyes, feeling tears threatening to form; if she had had her memories back in her own time she would have longed for this moment for a year, as it currently stands she had only longer for it for weeks, but it’s as sweet as she could have imagined.

She scrabbles to grab Rydia again, only stopping when Rydia speaks to her - her lip trembles, the summoner’s voice is like a warm drink on a cool night - and just watches as Rydia - oh. Oh! OH! - Rydia mirrors her moves, then goes a step further and kisses her!

"Oh." She replies softly, is she allowed to do the same thing? She gulps and finds her voice, pulling Rydia down until the woman is on top of her, Eruka’s hair splayed on the ground, Rydia’s masking their faces. "It’s good to be home." She whispers, nervously moving one arm to the base of Rydia’s back and the other to lightly grip the nape of her neck. Then she closes her eyes and pulls her girlfriend in for another kiss, gently pressing their lips together for a few seconds.

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there’s a hole in my… oh / open&intro


Utopia. Dystopia. These were terms children were seldom familiar with, particularly those of an age similar to the small girl that appeared to be edging her way throughout the city streets. Was this one or the other? Who knew? The best she could piece together was that while it looked similar, this city was Area D, the prison she’d been living in for the past few days. But just because she was no longer in a prison city, didn’t mean the city still wasn’t a prison itself. The words those scientists had uttered? Mika had barely understood a thing.


…Jin! …Jin!" she chirped every so often, calling for the fellow prisoner that had been serving as both friend and protector after pulling her young heart from the darkness. Of course, the man never called back. He wasn’t there to hold her, or hoist her up onto his shoulder. She was nothing more than an insect in the eyes of those that walked past her - some paying her no mind, some attempting to startle or hurt her. No, this place was no different than Area D.

But finally, someone pushed her too far. An older woman, who seemed to find it funny to follow her around and mimic Mika’s cries, despite the child’s attempts to get away. Suddenly, the Altered spun around, glared at the woman, and snapped her fingers, and…


A hole, baseball sized, suddenly enveloped most of the right side of the woman’s head, making it so others could see right through her skull. Space Eater, the ability to transport matter to another dimension. It was fixable, of course, but presently the body could not function without 40% of her brain, so the body collapsed before a rather agitated looking child. There was no blood, surprisingly, the wound held closed by some unknown force. 

But still, people screamed, and others fled. “Monster!” some shouted, which brought the child’s eye to widen and flee into a nearby alleyway.


Jin! Jin!" she screamed as she both ran and cried, eventually tripping and wiping out with a thud. She wasn’t a monster, right? Jin said she wasn’t! So what if she was an Altered? She was human!

Tadpole Jackson had turned his head in response to the noise, which meant that his whole body had turned 180 degrees, stopping Eruka in her tracks. “What is it no…” She trailed off, looking at the small girl. Sure, it was annoying, but what was Eruka going to do.

The more she watched, though, the worse she felt. She knew that feeling, being alone and scared; it was very similar to Eruka reintroduction to this place, and the idea of someone mocking her enraged her.

Just as she was about to go up to the woman and stop her, the small girl unleashed hell on her; Eruka’s eyes were as wide as saucepans as she watched an unbelievable feat performed in front of her very eyes.

It makes her shake, but with fear or adrenaline, while most people - her familiar included - began to run away, she walked, her hat smiling as she went.

Even though the girl had run away the witch could still hear her tears, and a quiet thump as she fell down; she reached her in no time at all, bending down behind her.

Wait… What was she meant to do now? A drop of sweat rolled down her back as she tried to figure out what would make the girl feel better. She rolled her tongue around her mouth as it came to her: she had felt like this before, what had made her feel better then?

"Ah… Look, kid," Okay, so she started awkwardly, "It’s okay. Humans don’t often understand the different. Just… Just find people who get you. They’re out there, I know it." The gentleness of her voice surprised her as she stroked the little girl’s hair, waiting for her to stop crying; she wasn’t doing anything, she could wait for a while.

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Drabble: Meeting your girl/boyfriend's parents/friends

((Rydia’s parents are dead I believe so friends it is!))

"Am I… Am I dressed okay?" She picks at her outfit, moving her hat on and off her head several times. "Will they like it?" She asks insistently; will they like me, she asks internally. She’s worried because it sounds like a lot of them are high society types, people who Eruka normally doesn’t meet or get along with.

She’s insanely nervous as Rydia walks into the room in front of her, making small talk, her pleasant voice not soothing Eruka in the slightest.

She balls her hands up and nearly runs away, but steps in to meet them, “H-hello!” She stutters, looking at them all. They’re so beautiful and… Weirdly dressed - her hat stares at them openly as she turns her head to Rydia quickly, hoping she will save her.

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((Drabble: fighting Soul and Maka))

It’s a feeling she’s so used to, but this time it feels final.

She’s shaking next to Tadpole Jackson; Mizune and Free are on the way, but right now it’s just her and she’s already dead. They won’t make it, she can tell, the look of their combined wavelengths, it’s over.

"Don’t… You don’t have to…" Her voice is shaking, she’s pathetic. She wanted to have a last flourish, she wanted to be strong, finally not weak. What a joke.

She can see the Meister getting ready to move - she’s so much more serious that Eruka, her powers more numberous.

Eruka begins chanting anyway - a witch can’t go down without a fight - and tens of bombs are summoned; please, let Jackson escape, let it be good, let it be quick.

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frog, hyena, hamster ¨¨

Frog - Already answered

Hyena: Do you laugh a lot? - “When I’m with friends, I try. Lately it’s been a bit more difficult…” She sighed, thinking of her time back home.

Hamster - Also already answered (Are you and Hati-mun on the same wavelength or what?!)

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Dinosaur, giraffe, and horse

Dinosaur: How old are you? - “19.”

Giraffe: Your height? - “5 foot 6, though my hat makes it seem like I’m taller.” ((Eruka doesn’t have a canon height so I had to wing it))

Horse: Tell me about your first love. - "He was a frog named Javier-" Just kidding!

"S… She’s very pretty and kind… So good and friendly… I don’t know if it’s love, but I…" She blushes, unable to continue.

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frog; lion & hamster

Frog: Do you believe in true love? - “I… Um… Well…” She fiddles with her hands, “I g… guess that it could happen.” When she’s not in Hive City she doesn’t believe in it, but here?

Lion: Do your friends treat you like a king/queen or are you their server? - “They’re my server, of course!” She’s thinking of Free here.

Hamster: Do you eat a lot? - “Only when there’s a lot of food around. When I’m a frog it’s not a problem.” ((My headcanon is there was never a lot of food to go around, being a young witch meant having/wanting to stay away from cities, so unless there’s a hell of a lot of food, she’ll be conservative. Now she’s in the city though, she doesn’t have to be!))

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Send me an animal and I’ll answer you~ Put in (( )) if you want Mun to answer.



Dog: Have you ever betrayed a friend?
Cat: What’s you favorite food?
Frog: Do you believe in true love?
Koala: Do your friends find you cute?
Panda: Sexual orientation?
Monkey: Are you hyper?
Bunny: Post a selca?
Horse: Tell me about your first love.
Bear: Are you addicted to something?
Hiena: Do you laugh a lot?
Lion: Do your friends treat you like a king/queen or are you their server?
Duck: Do you make funny sounds? If yes, which?
Llama: Do you have funny habits? If yes, which?
Swan: Do people in general call you beautiful more or less often?
Elephant: Do people bully/used to bully you due to your looks?
Giraffe: Your height?
Parrot: Are you a talker?
Hamster: Do you eat a lot?
Turtle: Do you hide your feelings often?
Bat: Which part of the day/night you enjoy the most?
Butterfly: What’s your biggest dream?
Pigeon: If you could get wings on your back, where would you go?
Alligator: Tell me three facts about you.
Dinosaur: How old are you?
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headcanons: decisions and shopping

Decisions: Eruka’s okay at making decisions when it’s something to do with fighting (or running away) but when it comes to other people she cares about she will dither like mad (she just wants them to be happy/their approval)

Shopping: She has never particularly had chance to shop in normal places, but would probably enjoy laughing at other people’s choices (“that shirt with those trousers? #girlplease”). She would like spending time in a large clothing store if she had the chance.

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there might be a certain woman in citta who wants to eat Eruka if you know what I mean >:3




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